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Bagel Sandwich

Bagels have a special place in my heart as they remind me so much of my childhood.

I remember walking into bagel bakeries in California with my parents and we'd order a baker's dozen of bagels. The dozen usually consisted of poppy seed, sesame and onion. Sometimes everything bagels made their way into that bag. Later, bialys made an appearance and my favorites were from then on poppy seed and the bialy.

For the longest time I thought it was impossible to find good bagels here, but then I heard about the Bagel Boys in Zurich, and I made my way there. They are delicious!I brought some home when my sister was visiting and we stuffed ourselves with them. So today I tried my hand at making bagels. The verdict: I need to practice some more.

When I think about what I like best on my bagel, it will always be plain cream cheese. That said, the next best is cream cheese with smoked salmon, the classic topping. That said, this post is also about sandwich toppings. I usually make my own sandwiches, making them more or less interesting, by adding pickles or pesto of some sort. Sometimes I stand in front of a sandwich display and wonder if they selection could get any more boring. Seldom I stand in front of a display and can't decide because they all look so good. Today I whipped up a batch of hummus which I slathered on my bagel and added some sun-dried cherry tomatoes which had been packed in oil. Let me tell you, that combination was divine! If you're looking for something new, let this be your next source of inspiration!

Other interesting sandwich toppings could be:

  • basil pesto and brie
  • cheese with (onion) chutney or pickles
  • cream cheese with horseradish, smoked fish and capers

Also check out my friend Alex' latest post with her suggestion of using smoked fish and curried apple sour cream!

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Meradeth says:
Nov 27, 2016 06:36 AM
Oh, I miss Noah's Bagels wish a passion! One of my favorite places to head when I'm home for sure. Some lox, cream cheese, and capers just can't be beat!
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