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Swiss Historic Hotels 2016

This year we were lucky enough to visit two very different hotels.

The two Swiss Historic Hotels we visited this year couldn't be more different. One is nestled far up in the mountains, the other above a lake.

We visited Hof Zuort at the end of winter in the beginning of March in the hopes of being able to spend some time in the snow. The only way to get to the hotel is to hike in about an hour from the bus stop. We were the only guest that first night and when we arrived, we were asked if we would like to warm up in the sauna before sitting down for dinner. Why not?

After a wonderful dinner and a good nights sleep, we woke up to more snow. It was actually snowing! After breakfast we strapped on our snowshoes and headed out. We walked in the forest along the river, crossing it a few times and then up to a small summer alp. Due to the snow, there wasn't much to see and so we made our way back.

It didn't stop snowing and we went out again in the other direction while I commented every 2 minutes how beautiful it all was.

That evening there was one other couple at the hotel and again we enjoyed a delicious dinner after warming up in the sauna. The next morning the sun was out and made the snow sparkle like a million diamonds. The hike back was amazing!


The second hotel we visited was Schloss Wartegg in Rorschach in October.

We arrived early in the day so we would be able to go on a small hike in the area and enjoy the fall color. We decided on a walk to the "Steiniger Tisch" a flat "rocky table" covered with vineyards on the south side. We lucked out with the weather and enjoyed a walk in the sun.

We arrived back at the hotel hungry and even arrived too early at our reserved table. But the service was impeccable and we enjoyed a most delicious meal. All food on the menu is organic and locally sourced. The next morning before breakfast we went for a dip in the turquoise pool, built in the 20's. All too soon our stay was over and we headed back home.

If you'd like to refresh your memory and see which of the Swiss Historic Hotels we have already visited, please visit the post I wrote last year.

Thank you again to those who make these visits possible!

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Aunt Gail says:
Dec 28, 2016 09:34 PM
All I can say is beautiful!!!! It is truly a winter wonderland and I can only imagine how it was in person. I'm actually surprised that it stays open in winter if they have so few guests. It must have been such a wonderful weekend! Then the second hotel, the fall color and green pastures almost took my breath away. You are so lucky to have so many fabulous hotels to explore in Switzerland. They are like nothing we have here, for sure! Well, I guess there are a few around but Yosemite would be the closest one. Thank you for sharing your two fabulous trips!
Richard says:
Dec 30, 2016 07:09 AM
All I can say is that walking through fresh snow from Hof Zuort must have been spectacular and really special because you were continually being replenished with fresh snow. Your photos really capture your experience. They are wonderful. Then, your autumn experience at Schloss Wartegg looks even more beautiful. Your photos of the hotel and the countryside are stunning.
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